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You are about to receive an affordable, yet High-Quality alternative to Cable Television.  Stream RoyaleTV delivers the best service in crystal clear HD format. Get ready for an experience you’ve been wanting for a long time. A very long time.


News from SRTV

Hello SRTV’rs, 
        Some of you have noticed that our Facebook page is no longer available, this was due to someone, possibly multiple people, reporting our page to Facebook.  This saddens us immensely since we’ve had this page active for more than 3 years with no issues. We know that most of you have gotten used to communicating with us directly via our Facebook page, but don’t worry…we were prepared for this to happen SOONER or LATER.  
We have found a new home with SLACK. This will allow us to be able to communicate with you all in real time once again. 
Here is a PERSONAL invitation to access our page: (Download the app to your computer, phone, or tablet)
Join our page and enjoy all the same content and benefits our Facebook page has offered for years.   
See you on the other side,  
Your SRTV Team

Affordable Product

Stream RoyaleTV ensures a quality product that is affordable in every respect. Try us out.


Stream RoyaleTV guarantees 100% satisfaction on your box

Quality Service

We stand by our product. It’s our reputation that’s on the line, and most importantly, your satisfaction.

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Technology First

We have experience in the Tech World

With over a decade of experience in the technology world, our team can provide you the best solution to your visual needs.

One Hundred Percent

Optimal Client Support

We stand by what you purchase. We can assist you along the way, should you have any questions or comments!


All across the Globe

We service all across the world. Spanning to different continents, we provide outstanding customer service and SRTV product to families worldwide.

Why Stream RoyaleTV?

Most of us want access to hundreds of channels at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, cable television is expensive and by the time your final selections are made, you are paying hundreds of dollars. Sometimes for channels, you don’t even need.

We are known for providing outstanding support

We deliver high quality product, each and every time

We always stand by what we deliver

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