Stream RoyaleTV

Paying more than a $100 a month on cable and want to cut the cord? 
Want to watch EVERY PPV event and sports package? 
This service Comes with 400+ channels, including popular Bein Sports, Dodger games, and even Movies and TV shows on Demand. The package also includes movies that are shown in theatres.
All you will need is one of the boxes.

It’s More Than Just Watching Television.

It’s living an experience. 

Stream RoyaleTV understands the importance of having quality, yet affordable entertainment, especially when there is family involved. That’s why we deliver a state-of-the-art experience, at a price you can afford. Not only are you able to enjoy the shows you actually want to watch, you’ll be receiving an experience like no other.

Technology Based

It’s who we are. What we know. 

Our team is prepared to answer any types of questions you have pertaining to the technological side of your equipment and its respective services. When in doubt, just ask.

We Work As a Team

We offer a world-class support system

Providing excellent customer service experience is not done without the help of others. We will always be there to help you along the way, and treat your account as if it is the only one.

Communication is Key

Having proper communication with our clients makes things smoother than expected. We are always availabe to help.

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